Whole Home Ducted Heat Pumps & Ventilation Systems

We use a range of systems to keep your whole home warm, dry, and healthy.


Ducted Heat Pumps

Fujitsu General’s ducted heat pump / air conditioning systems provide whole home comfort backed by a 6-year parts and labour warranty when you use a Fujitsu Accredited Installer. Using a single system concealed in the ceiling, it’s quiet, easy-to-operate and energy efficient, designed to heat or cool multiple rooms or the entire home using optional zone control.



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Ventilation Systems

We supply Mitsubishi and Smooth Air HEX390 ventilation systems. The Mitsubishi and Smooth Air HEX390 Domestic Ventilation Systems with Heat Exchanger is a ‘balanced pressure’ system. It extracts air from the house and simultaneously brings fresh air in. These two streams of air pass through a heat exchanger, which warms incoming air in winter and cools incoming air in summer. This heat exchange process means that up to 80% of the energy, which would be wasted using a traditional positive pressure system, is recovered by the Mitsubishi and HEX390 systems, resulting in significant energy savings and therefore cost savings.



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