Single Room Heat Pump Solutions

Ranging from traditional wall mounted units to ceiling and floor consoles, there’s an energy efficient single room Fujitsu Heat Pump / Air Conditioner to suit any room or space.


Wall Mounted

The Lifestyle Range

Energy-efficient wall mounted units. A stylish design, along with efficient features like Human Sensor Control and Economy mode have been combined to offer user flexibility and total control around the comfort of their home.



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The Comfort Range

Reliable and trusted comfort featuring inverter technology and a range of features.



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Floor/Ceiling Consoles

Compact Floor Console

These units are installed to sit on the floor when wall space is limited.



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Floor/Ceiling Console

Offers the flexibility of being easily installed on the floor or under the ceiling.



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Compact Cassette

Easy installation and compact design. These compact cassette models are extremely discreet with a non-intrusive grille design that sits level with the ceiling. Air can be distributed throughout the space in up to four directions.



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Cassette 4-Way Flow

4-way airflow to suit large open areas. Incorporating the latest fan technology, these units fit neatly into the ceiling and distribute conditioned air through four sides of the unit to achieve optimum room comfort.



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Circular Flow Cassette

The R32 cassette range provides seamless comfort to all corners of the room via multi-directional 360° airflow and the sleek innovative fascia grille.



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Ducted Systems

Bulkhead Ducted

Features a compact design to allow for flexible installation in the best available space.



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