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Heat Pump Benefits

Do Heat Pumps act as Air Conditioners?

Yes, heat pumps not only heat you in winter, but can keep you cool and comfortable in summer.

They also purify the air, all year around.



How Efficient are Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient heating methods in New Zealand.

They can heat a home for up to 75% less than the cost of running electric heaters.




How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps simply transfer free heat (not air) from one place to another, just like your refrigerator does. Heat pumps work in the same way. Two coils, one inside your home, and one outside are linked to draw warmth from the outside air (even on a cold winter’s night) and transfer it into your home.



What is a Major Advantage of Having a Heat Pump?

A major advantage that heat pumps have over electric or gas heaters is, that they have no heating elements to burn energy. Then, at the click of a switch your heat pump can run in reverse, acting as an air conditioner to pump heat out of your home – reducing humidity and keeping it fresh and cool in summer.



Are All Heat Pumps Created Equal?

The answer is no. Although the heat pump technology gives you savings over traditional heaters there are also differences in running costs and performance between heat pumps. For this reason, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority of New Zealand (EECA) uses the Energy Star Mark on heat pumps to help you choose the most energy efficient models. Units that qualify for the Energy Star Mark meet strict energy efficiency guidelines.


A heat pump that qualifies for the Energy Star Mark can give you up to $4.66 worth of heating value for every $1 spent on heating, while a lower efficiency unit may only give you $2.50 - $3 worth of heating value for the same $1.


The Energy Star Mark is only awarded to the very best models. The standard is designed especially for New Zealand conditions and only the top heat pumps make the grade. By choosing a heat pump awarded with the Energy Star, you’ll get top performance, more savings on your power bill from day one – and the assurance you’re doing your bit for the planet.


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