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Save on Your Electricity Bill with a Heat Pump System that Heats Water

You may be surprised that on average, domestic hot water heating accounts for 28%* of a typical power bill in New Zealand. So, if you are looking to find ways reduce your monthly power bill, then look no further than the Black Diamond AquaCore hot water heat pump to heat your domestic hot water.

Just like heat pump technology revolutionised home heating in New Zealand, the same technology is now also used to heat domestic hot water effectively and efficiently.

*Based on BRANZ study report SR221, 2010, verified by EECA

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Black Diamond AquaCore Hot Water Heat Pump System

With the ever-increasing cost of electricity, there is a drive to now also use heat pump technology to heat up our domestic hot water efficiently. The locally developed and tested Black Diamond AquaCore Hot Water Heat Pump System is specifically designed to provide hot water for the whole family all year long, no matter what the temperature.


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How Efficient Is a Hot Water Heat Pump?

The efficiency of a heat pump is known as the Coefficient of Performance or COP. This is a ratio of the heat delivered to power consumed. For every 1kW of electrical input energy, The Black Diamond AquaCore Hot Water Heat Pump absorbs freely available heat energy from the outdoor air to provide the home with approximately 4.0kw of heat output.

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Compared to typical gas and direct electric heating systems that can have higher running costs with inefficient COPs as low as 0.82*1, Black Diamond AquaCore Hot Water Heat Pump provides a real energy efficient alternative.

*1 Based on manufacturer information for gas instant hot water heater (non-condensing).


How Does it Work and What are the Key Components?

A Black Diamond AquaCore Hot Water Heat Pump is made up of 3 key components that seamlessly work together to provide super energy efficient water heating – the outdoor unit, indoor Heat Exchanger and an existing or new cylinder.

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The three components of the Black Diamond AquaCore Hot Water Heat Pump System

The Outdoor Unit

The Outdoor Unit

The Black Diamond AquaCore Hot Water Heat Pump System incorporates an outdoor unit just like any heat pump space heating system. It uses electricity to absorb freely available warmth from the surrounding air and then transfers it to your home so it can provide energy efficient hot water heating all year round.

The system utilises environmentally conscious R32 refrigerant in the outdoor unit which has 1/3 the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of R410A commonly used in other systems, meaning it is better for the environment.

The Indoor Unit

The Indoor Unit

The AquaCore ensures water is heated to 62°C and is fed directly into the top of the cylinder. This means that this water is ready to use straight away. In a traditional electric system it can take hours to heat the water cylinder enough to produce 60°C water from a cold tank situation.

Furthermore, the system features fast recovery of a full water tank and can reheat an entire 180L cylinder in 2 ½ hours where traditional electric cylinders can take up to 3 ¼ hours in winter*.

* Based on tank heat-up test at 10°C ambient temp.

The Hot Water Cylinder

The Hot Water Cylinder

The Black Diamond AquaCore Hot Water Heat Pump System is designed to easily integrate with existing or new hot water cylinders so you can benefit from capital cost savings on retrofits.


Made in NZ, for NZ's Low Temperature Conditions

The locally developed and tested Black Diamond AquaCore Hot Water Heat Pump System is specifically designed to provide hot water for the whole family all year long, no matter what the temperature outside.

Tested in some of the most extreme environments in New Zealand, the Black Diamond AquaCore System has been designed with cold temperatures in mind. In fact, it can effectively operate in a wide temperature range from -15°C all the way up to 45°C.


Never get a cold shower again with Wi-Fi control

Monitor your tank temperature and start a reheat cycle when you know you're going to need hot water, or set up a reoccurring schedule to heat your tank when you need it.

AquaCore comes ready with Wi-Fi Control built in, just connect the AquaCore indoor unit to your router and download the app.

Optional WiFi


A Great Return on Investment with Quick Payback Time

The estimated return on investment of a Black Diamond AquaCore System, when compared to a gas or direct electric heating system, could be as low as three years*.

* Payback period comparison based on average energy supplier costs per kWh over an average winter heating period. Actual savings may vary in line with gas and electricity price fluctuations and seasonal conditions. This is an estimate only.


An Environmentally Conscious Choice

The AquaCore primarily utilises R32 Refrigerant, at 1/3 the global warming potential of traditional refrigerants, and with zero ozone depletion the AquaCore provides and environmentally friendly alternative while also saving money.



Good for the Environment with Minimal Carbon Footprint

Compared to traditional electric hot water heaters, a hot water heat pump produces up to three times less greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, compare these low carbon systems to an instant gas hot water system, and a staggering seven-fold reduction in emissions can be realised! *1

This makes water heating one of the largest single sources of greenhouse gas emissions from the average Kiwi home. As such, EECA has identified heat pumps as playing a key role in the ability to significantly reduce costs and greenhouse emissions from energy use.

Currently an estimated 67% of New Zealand homes use a traditional electric hot water system in the home.*2 Substituting existing, less efficient technologies with more efficient technologies such as a hot water heat pump therefore has the ability to make a significant reduction in overall greenhouse emissions.

If you are looking for super energy efficient water heating with minimal environmental impact, a Black Diamond AquaCore Hot Water Heat Pump System is the obvious low carbon solution.

*1 Based on electrical and gas emission factor for New Zealand.
*2 Based on E3 Policy Framework data for New Zealand.


Tried and Tested

The Black Diamond Hot Water Heat Pump family has been operating in some of New Zealand's most extreme conditions for over ten years.


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