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Home Heat Pumps

Mint Air have been a partner of Fujitsu Heat Pumps for over 13 years and their commitment to our brand and working with consumers to provide heating solutions for homes in and around the Marlborough region is unparalleled.


"Anna and Minty are an exemplary example of a local regional business that are committed to providing great service and honest, reliable advice for your home heating solutions.


Fujitsu Heat Pumps NZ are proud partners of Mint Air and look forward to continuing our partnership with Anna and Minty well into the future."


Fiona Harris
Marketing Manager 
Fujitsu General NZ 



Fujitsu Range

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Hi-Wall Models

e3 Series Heat Pump

e3 Series

Breakthrough technology – the most efficient system ever.

Compact,super quiet mode (both inside and out), human sensor for added power savings, advanced healthy air filters, more world first features.

NZ’s most advanced range.



Compact Hi Wall Premier Heat Pump

Compact Hi-Wall Premier

NZ’s Premier Heat Pump.

Smart, multi-featured, whisper quiet, advanced healthy air filters, fantastic efficiencies with all the heating you’ll ever need.

Hi Wall Premier Heat Pump

Hi-Wall Premier

For larger areas, the LFC series delivers 8kW-10kW of heating, but is still very efficient with all the features you want.

Hi Wall Premier Plus Heat Pump

Hi-Wall Premier Plus

Our price fighter!

Slim, smart and efficient with many extra features, but at a surprisingly low price.


Compact Floor Consoles

Compact Floor Consoles

Compact Floor Consoles

Smart and elegant, yet surprisingly efficient and powerful (up to 5.2kW of heat).


Many extra features, including Fast Heat - dual fans to heat twice as fast on start-up.

High Capacity Floor Consoles

High Capacity Floor Consoles

Built for the coldest NZ winter – up to 8kW of superior heating.


Yet still very efficient, quiet and elegant.

Ceiling Cassettes

Compact Cassette Heatpumps

Compact cassettes

Almost invisible because all you see is the discreet grill in the ceiling.


Very powerful, with up to 8kW of heating.

Ducted Central Heating Systems

Ducted Central Heating Systems

NZ’s first ENERGY STAR® rated Central Heating systems.


Zone Control option, smart backlit LCD wall controller.


The luxury of all round comfort, all year round.

Sleep Pump Heat Pumps

Sleep Pump

The affordable ducted system for 3 or 4 bedrooms.


ENERGY STAR® qualified.


We all need a good night’s sleep!

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