Home Heat Pumps

Mint Air have been a partner of Fujitsu Heat Pumps since 2003 and their commitment to our brand and working with consumers to provide heating solutions for homes in and around the Marlborough region is unparalleled.

"Anna and Minty are an exemplary example of a local regional business that are committed to providing great service and honest, reliable advice for your home heating solutions. Fujitsu Heat Pumps NZ are proud partners of Mint Air and look forward to continuing our partnership with Anna and Minty well into the future."

Fujitsu General NZ


Single Room Solutions

Ranging from traditional wall mounted units to ceiling and floor consoles, there’s an energy efficient single room Fujitsu Heat Pump / Air Conditioner to suit any room or space.


Multiple Room Solutions

A multi system is ideal when individual units are required in more than one room and when a traditional ducted system may not be suitable. Multi systems can cool or heat multiple rooms using just one compact outdoor unit and up to six indoor units can be connected.



Whole Home Solutions

Fujitsu General’s ducted heat pump / air conditioning systems provide whole home comfort backed by a 6 year parts and labour warranty. Using a single system concealed in the ceiling, it’s quiet, easy-to-operate and energy efficient, designed to heat or cool multiple rooms or the entire home using optional zone control. We can also install Smooth Air Domestic Ventilation Systems with a Heat Exchanger to remove moisture from your home.